Thursday, October 22, 2009

Abrams' Trek

I won't go into any length with this review as a.) it would be a waste of both space and time - perhaps in some sort of continuous way - and b.) it is already covered very well over at Ex Astris Scientia.

However, I will say two things before handing down my judgment. First off, they've extended the engineering section of the Enterprise in order to give the ship an unsightly crotch bulge. Why, I don't know. Perhaps JJ is a fan of Slash fiction?

And my second comment: Red matter?

'Nough said.

My conclusions:

Don't watch JJ Abrams' Star Trek if:
- you liked Star trek in any of it's previous incarnations
- you like movies that make sense
- you like fresh plots

However, go ahead and watch it if:
- you like things that move and/or are shiny
- you like poorly done (and overused) time travel plots
- you need a reminder why you should never work for Mr. Abrams

Rating */5 because I liked Simon Pegg.

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha! I do like things that move and are shiny! As well as time travel plots! But the crotch bulge on the Enterprise is just not cool!