Monday, November 22, 2010

A Lazyman's Catch-Up Post

Look at that - another gap in time.


Ventus by Karl Schroeder - This book actually takes place in the same universe as Lady of Mazes. And it's almost as good. I really enjoyed this Fantasy/Science Fiction cross-over.


Tuck by Stephen R. Lawhead - A Great ending to a great series.


The Winds of Darkover by Marion Zimmer Bradley - After a clumsy intro, this obvious potboiler actually gets interesting. But it is too short. The author even admits she wrote this one because she needed some fast cash.


If I pay thee not in Gold by Piers Anthony and Mercedes Lackey - The first half is slow and plagued by heavy foreshadowing. The second half is just not very compelling and ultimately results in an unsympathetic protaganist.

BTW the conclusion of the book's title statement is (spoiler):

I'll have freaky three way demon sex with thee.

Distant Early Warnings Ed. Robert J. Sawyer - Warning, avoid! Okay, there are a few good stories in there, Sawyer's work notwithstanding.

Note to RJ: If you have to come up with justifications not to include better authors than yourself in a compilation and then put two stories of your own in there, chances are your compilation sucks as much as your stories.


The Green Trap by Ben Bova - Abysmal.


On T.V:

Warehouse 13 - I finally gave this show a chance. I like it!

Sanctuary Season 3 - Why did they change the music? And why did they change it to something so inferior?

Stargate Universe Galactica - I may abandon this show soon for the same reason I abandoned Battlestar Galactica. I just don't like any of the characters.

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