Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shows I no Longer Follow

  • Stargate Universe - I've discovered that I simply do not care about any of the characters. Worse, I actively hate most of them.
  • The CSI Franchise - It's time for something new.
  • Criminal Minds - No one else wants to watch it with me. Too 'dark'.

Shows in Danger:
  • No Ordinary Family - The lack of plot advancement in the face of obvious opportunity even to the point where the characters must either be morons or actively ignoring what is in front of them is getting ridiculous. Oh well, it likely won't see a second season anyway.
  • Bones - Quit jerking us around. Get Bones and Seeley together already. The only thing worse than when the main characters finally get together is when they never do. . . IMO. (You hear me Nathan?)

Edit: Seems I'm behind the times yet again. SYFY has already decided not to renew Stargate Universe for another season. Maybe now we'll get that third SG1 movie? Or the Atlantis movie?

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